Related Medical Services
Related Medical Services

Medical services

Here are other medical services provided to you by our company:


  • First aid courses
  • Medical visits
  • Different Medical Certificate
  • Providing medical reports
  • Vaccinations

First aid courses

Organization of courses in first aid for various companies employees.

The program aims

  • providing knowledge, skills and basic attitudes for target group that will facilitate first aid in case of accidents / incidents at work

General Objectives

  • learning by students of first aid techniques and gestures to intervene promptly in case of accidents at work;
  • At the end of the program participants will be able to:
    1. apply the gained knowledge in case of work accidents;
    2. list the risk factors for incidents / accidents at work;
    3. demonstrate skills of identifying the severity status of the injured/s;
    4. demonstrate skills in saving maneuvers;
    5. list the prohibited maneuvers that can worsen the health of the victim, in case of work accidents;
    6. demonstrate the correct attitude of alarm for specialized emergency medical services;
    7. listing rules of labor protection that can lead to lower risks of work accidents;
    8. list the advantages first aid courses and apply concepts acquired in daily life.


    1. Basic life support (BLS);
    2. First aid in case of injuries: sprains, fractures / precipitation from above;
    3. First aid for wounds and bleeding;
    4. First aid in case of burns / frostbite;
    5. First aid in case of electric shock;
    6. First aid in case of poisoning with gaseous substances;
    7. First aid kit.


1.    Theory – notions of mode of production, symptoms and attitude followed until the arrival of emergency medical team;
2.    Practical – BLS Practical exercises (Basic Life Support), immobilization states, hemostasis, wound dressings, the Heimlich maneuver.

Each student will practice all the maneuvers proposed under the guidance and supervision of the trainer.


  • Large group discussions (brainstorming), presentation, demonstration, working in small groups;
  • each theme will include an explanatory theoretical model and practical applications:
    • Basic life support (BLS) is an widely accepted algorithm of first aid, periodically reviewed by the international specialized forum (ILCOR); he expressed attitudes and first aid techniques apply to any type of medical emergency;
    • Specific topics include concepts of first aid to the pathology in each hand;
    • "Building" a first aid kit is required to facilitate prompt intervention in the event of an incident.

Toolbox used

  • notebook and projector;
  • PowerPoint presentation to theoretical concepts;
  • BLS model for learning techniques;
  • materials for learning first aid techniques in trauma, burns, electrocution (splints, buttocks, com-presses, other means of immobilization and transport);
  • first aid kit.

Diary of courses


Primary evaluation of a patient (victim of an accident during work) and the attitude in to emergency until the coming of the approved medical team.

Incidents / accidents common during labor:

  • trauma (sprains, fractures, dislocations, precipitation from above);
  • wounds, bleeding;
  • burns, frostbite;
  • electrocuted;
  • poisoning gaseous substances.

a.    the mode - 2 hours of theory followed by 30 minutes break.
b.    exemplification of the concepts presented in the theory - the 2 hours in groups of 20 students with one hour break.


  • 1 day, 4-5 hours / days / group.
  • for all the participants will be made by appointment, in agreement with the representatives of your company.
  • courses will be held at your company.

How to feed back the results of the course


  • test type "multiple choice answer" initial and final.
  • testing practical skills acquired.



Medical visits

Immigration medical examination:

  • accreditation from the American Embassy to perform medical visit to immigration
  • experience in special medical problems
  • speed, timeliness, professionalism
  • it performs the full range of vaccinations required
  • results are released on the same day
  • experience in the medical visit, adoption - USA

Other medical visits:

  • medical visit for enrollment in AISB (American International School of Bucharest)
  • medical visit for departures on cruise shipping lines: Royal, Louis, Princess, Disney, Carnival Cruise Line
  • medical examination for obtaining a visa extension o stay in Romania

Medical certificates

Accreditation from the Department of Public Health Bucharest.

Medical certificates release in emergency for:

  • health insurance;
  • auto, motor and boats driving license, gun possesion licence;
  • admission in schools;
  • marriage;
  • Immigration in USA (accreditation from the United States Embassy in Bucharest);
  • employment on maritime lines (CLUB UK approval);
  • fit to fly certificates (accreditation Air France/KLM).

Medical certificates release for:

  • for drivers;
  • occupationnal;
  • residency exam;
  • admission in universities, colleges;
  • admission in air clubs;
  • gun possesion.


We perform in emergency rabies vaccination (vaccine produced by Aventis Pasteur Verorab) and prophylactic vaccination for:

  • Hepatitis B: Engerix B; Hepatitis A: Havrix, Avax; Hepatitis A + B: Twinrix
  • measles, rubella, mumps MMR, Priorix
  • Rubella: Rudivax
  • diphtheria and tetanus: IMOVAX dT, Tetavax
  • diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, DTCoq
  • diphtheria, tetanus, polio Tetracoq, Dultavax
  • IMOVAX polio Polio
  • chickenpox: Varilrix
  • Haemophilus influenzae type b: Act-Hib, Hiberix, PentactHib
  • Pneumococcal: Pneumo 23
  • Influenza: Vaxigrip
  • tetanus, pertussis, inactivated polio and haemophilus B acellular Pentax
  • meningitis A + C: Meningo A + C
  • antitifoidic: Typhim, Typherix
  • rabies: Verorab
  • yellow fever: Stamaril
  • measles: Rouvax
  • HPV: Silgard



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