Occupational Medicine
Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

medicina-muncii2Bio Medica assure medical services for Occupational Medicine::

  • employment medical examination;
  • periodic medical examination required of each job in accordance with the Law 319/2006;
  • conducting investigations required under applicable law;
  • filling the medical records;
  • signaling case and after illness confirmation the recommendations;
  • examination for the reintegrating employee to work after temporary disability workers (workplace rehabilitation);
  • release medical advice for changing jobs
  • supervising and evaluating the health of employees;
  • emergency medical assistance in case of accident or acute illness during professional activity.

Medical examinations may be performed either in the clinic or through the Ambulance Service at the companies address for a greater number of employees.

BIO MEDICA is accredited by the Public Health Bucharest under no. 693127 from 17.04.2002 to conduct occupational health services, is also accredited under no. 19721 / 19.10.2001 to issue cer-tificates for the employment.

Occupational health service works and ensure compliance with current legislation on health surveil-lance of employees:

  • employment medical examination;
  • medical examination properly for every job, with the mandatory investigations according to the law;
  • examination for the reintegrating employee to work after temporary work incapacity (rehabilitation - at work);
  • signaling case and follow this illness after confirmation;
  • periodic medical reports to the management, in the collaboration with the labor protection depart-ment;
  • retention and filling the medical records under NGPM 2002;
  • release medical advice for changing jobs;
  • supervising and evaluating the health of staff;
  • emergency care by ambulance for acute occupational or work accidents;
  • assessment and health surveillance of employees in relation to risk factors for work;
  • the posibility to perform specific consultations at the companies address;
  • preventive care program and workshops for first aid for employees.



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