Clinical and laboratory investigations
Clinical and laboratory investigations

Clinical and laboratory investigations


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aerosoliAerosols are widely used in medicine to treat various diseases
(for example, in treating the sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma)






biopsieBiopsy is a common medical test performed by a surgeon or by a radiologist involving sampling of cells or tissue for examination.

Biopsy is the removal of tissue from a medical living subject to determine the presence or extent of a disease.

The tissue is generally examined under a microscope by a pathologist and can also be analyzed chemically.








Digital dermoscopy Epiluminiscenta - MoleMax II FotoFinder

The FotoFinder uses the technique of epiluminiscent microscopy by allowing early identification of problems with moles or skin cancer. Furthermore, it allows both regular examination of moles and documenting and analyzing dozens of other skin conditions. Digital image storage allows regular verification of lesions, observing the evolution in time


Vascular Doppler carotid artery

Vascular ultrasound is an exploration of elective arterial disease (atherosclerosis) or veins (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis).


doppler vascular

Doppler vascular vertebral arteries

Doppler of carotid and vertebral axis is performed in patients with cerebral extra cranial vascular accident, syncope, dizziness, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemy


Vascular Doppler arterial system

Peripheral arterial Doppler with indications in diagnosis, evaluation of medical treatment, operated patient monitoring


Vascular Doppler venous States

Peripheral venous Doppler for the diagnosis of thrombosis and venous insufficiency in chronic edema, pre and postoperative assessment in venous disease



ECGElectrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart muscle fibers. Each contraction of the myocardium is the result of an electrical excitations originating from the sinus node and transmitted to the heart muscle. These changes in the electrical potential of the heart can measure body surface, as shown by an image repeated electrical cardiac activity. Using electro-cardiogram can enunciate a number of properties and heart disease.



Abdominal ultrasound

Ultrasound examination of the abdomen can provide valuable information on a wide range of dis-eases (liver, spleen, biliary, pancreatic, renal, bladder, retroperitoneal, etc.). You can also explore the pelvis including the bladder, uterus and ovaries or prostate in men. It can highlight lymph, ab-dominal vessels, fluid present in the abdominal cavity.



Echocardiographic examination is part of cardiologic examination and assist the clinician in the di-agnosis of cardiovascular diseases. It is essential in the evaluation of congenital heart disease, vul-var pathology, ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure and monitoring disease pro-gression and treatment efficacy.


Thyroid ultrasound

It is extremely useful in detecting thyroid nodules or diffuse disease of the thyroid gland.


Muscular ultrasound

It is recommended in rheumatologic pathology for diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory or degenerative joint disease, sports and orthopedic pathology. Due to the outstanding performance of ultrasound with exceptional professional training of medical examiners musculoskeletal ultrasound largely replaces radiological significantly decreasing radiation patients.


Osteo-articular ultrasound

It is recommended rheumatologic pathology for diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory or de-generative joint disease, sports and orthopedic pathology. Due to the outstanding performance of ultrasound with exceptional professional training of medical examiners musculoskeletal ultrasound largely replaces radiological significantly decreasing radiation patients.


Transvaginal ultrasound


Ultrasound pregnancy (fetal morphology) 3D, 4D

Pregnancy ultrasound (2D, 3D, 4D, spectral and color Doppler) is a compulsory examination in monitoring the evolution of pregnancy, detection of any birth, intrauterine growth deficit, fetal sta-tus, etc. Ultrasound investigation indicate dynamics with a certain periodicity (3 exams during preg-nancy). It can record images of the future child in 2D, 3D and 4D on sensitive paper or CD


Breast ultrasound

It is recommended especially in women under 40 years and additional mammography after this age; is a very useful and reliable in investigating diffuse pathology of the mammary gland and in early detection of mammary nodules


Testicular ultrasound



 intre examen bacteriologic si examen babes papanicolau


Pap cytology

Pap smear can be collected in any of our medical center if the patient followed the necessary steps for a proper prelevation of this test. Sampling procedure can be done either classic or wet / liquid medium, a new medical technology that allows the use in analysis 99% of cells prelevated.



Gastroscopy - Test Helicobacter Pylori

gastroscopieHelicobacter pylori is a bacterium that infects the lining of the stomach and duodenum




imagistica radiologieThe X-ray is the recording, on special photographic film, the structural image of an object, obtained with X or gamma radiation. The X-ray permite for examining opaque to light objects, based on property of radiation to be much more pervasive.



Mycology - Direct Exam

Mycology is the branch of biology that depth studies the representatives kingdom Fungi (Fungus)


ECG monitoring (Holter ECG)


Monitoring blood pressure (BP Holter)



The oscillometryrepresents the blood pressure variations in correspondence with the pulse.








Allergy tests


Standard laboratory tests

teste standard de laboratorIn our own laboratory there can be performed more than 250 laboratory tests: hematology, bio-chemistry, endocrinology, immunology, tumor markers, toxicology, bacteriology, etc., in Romania and Germany. The laboratory works on modern principles, benefiting from an integrated system of processing the samples, based on a dedicated medical program, enabling release results within hours of prelevation. Emergency response time can be reduced to 30 minutes. The Latest equip-ment and the trained personnel is certifying the quality.

  • Barium
  • Laser treatment
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) *
  • CT (computed tomography) *

*) Examinations performed in collaboration contracts with specialized clinics




 Terapia extracorporala shockwave (ESWT) / Terapia AR2

Terapia extracorporala shockwave (ESWT) pentru tratamentul tulburarilor musculo-scheletice (MSK) a evoluat în Europa la începutul anilor 1990. ESWT este un derivat al litotritiei mecanice - spargerea si faramitarea pietrelor renale cu ajutorul undelor sonice. ESWT este foarte valoroasa în tratarea diferitelor tulburari ale scheletului si musculaturii inclusiv fasciita plantara, epicondilitia, tendinite si in osificarea deficitara a fracturilor. În toate situatiile medicale, se considera ca este de preferat utilizarea unei metode alternative non-invazive in detrimentul interventiei chirurgicale. Indiferent de patologia pentru care ESWT este utilizata, aceasta terapie ar trebui luata in considerare in cazul in care alte terapii incercate au esuat. ESWT a devenit procedura non-invaziva cu riscuri minime in tratarea unor afectiuni cronice. ESWT faciliteaza recuperarea pacientilor si revenirea la activitatile cotidiene in cel mult doua zile cu reluarea imediata a celor mai multe ocupatii si a programului normal.

Terapia Shockwave ( unde de soc) ESWT

Tratament efectiv, neinvaziv al durerilor asociate sistemului musculo-scheletal ce are efecte medicale dovedite in peste 80% din aplicatiile indicate: amelioreaza rapid durerea, restaureza mobilitatea, fara anestezie, fara medicamente si fara efecte adverse, cu aplicatii in ortopedie, recuperare medicala si medicina sportiva.

Efecte medicale:

- imbunatatirea metabolismului si a microcirculatiei

- decalcificarea fibroblastelor

- imbunatatirea productiei de colagen

- detensionarea musculaturii

- eliminarea rapida a substantei P

Afectiuni tratate cuTerapia Shockwave:

- Iritarea dureroasa a tendoanelor ca urmare a suprasolicitarilor sau ca urmare a proceselor degenerative

- Terapia durerii prin tratamentul punctelor de acupunctura.

- Durerea acuta si cronica la spate, umar, gât, genunchi, etc datorata contracturii musculare permanente

- Durerea menstruala si premenstruala

- Puncte de declansare a durerii (Trigger Points)

- Sindrom de umar dureros (tendinite, calcificari, sindromul umarului inghetat)

- Epicondilita laterala/mediala

- Exostoza articulatiilor mici ale mainii

- Durerea in insertia ligamentelor poplitee

- Achilodinie

- Fasciita plantara

- Sindrom tibial anterior

- Sindrom patelar

- Bursita trohanteriana

- Rizartroza

- Osteoporoza

- Osteopatie

Tehnologie dovedita stiintific

Aparatul ESWT a fost proiectat în urma unor cercetari de lunga durata. Tehnologia ESWT s-a dovedit foarte eficienta în special în tratarea durerilor de umeri, durerilor calcaneene sau în tratarea durerilor coatelor.

ESWT reprezinta cea mai recenta metoda de tratament simptomatic a suferintelor clinice asociate prostatitei cronice nebacteriene (cea mai frecventa forma de prostatita cronica);

ESWT nu are riscuri sau complicatii procedurale;

ESWT contribuie la reducerea durerii si induce o regenerare a oaselor prin activarea si stimularea unor anumiti factori de crestere. S-a constatat ca acest lucru pare sa determine o reactie metabolica similara cu cea care se produce la nivelul osului în timpul procesului natural de vindecare. Microarhitectura osului poate fi afectata de undele de soc indicand astfel ca terapia shockwave ESWT poate fi folosita cu succes in tratamentul osteoporozei si osteopatiei.

Dornier AR2 Shockwave

AR2 Dornier foloseste terapia extracorporala shockwave (ESWT) – cunoscuta deasemenea sub denumirea de “terapie prin unde de soc” – pentru a crea un mod eficient, non-invaziv pentru tratarea unei largi varietati de indicaţii ortopedice. Folosind metoda “Point and Shoot”, sistemul transmite unde de soc externe spre zona tinta indicata de catre pacient si de biofeedback. Undele de soc declanseaza propriile mecanismele de reparare a organismului pentru a initia procesul de vindecare. Acest tratament rapid, de cabinet, nu necesita analgezice si nici timp de recuperare al pacientului dupa terapie.

Spre deosebire de alte tehnologii, EMSE Dornier produce unde de soc consistente si repetate pentru un tratament de succes. Folosind aceasta tehnologie EMSE, AR2 are abilitatea de a trata efectiv o multime de probleme medicale prin puterea si aria sa larga de penetrare

-  Elibereaza durerea si necesita o perioada foarte scurta de recuperare

-  Efecte adverse minore sau inexistente

-  O sedinta dureaza aproximativ 20 de minute

-  In timpul unei sedinte pacientul poate sta pe un scaun sau pe masa de examinare

-  Tratamentul poate dura 1-2 saptamani, sau în funcție de recomandarile doctorului pe afectiune.

Terapia Shockwave in medicina sportiva

AR2 – Tehnologia Shockwave pentru prevenirea si tratarea accidentarilor acute si suprasolicitarilor la jucatorii de fotbal

Rata de accidentari în fotbal este între 15 si 20 de leziuni la 1000 de ore de joc. Accidentarile excesive sunt responsabile pentru aproape 30% din leziuni în fotbal si se dezvolta în timp din cauza stresului musculaturii, articulatiilor si tesuturilor moi, in lipsa timpului adecvat pentru vindecare. Prevenirea si accelerarea timpului de vindecare a leziunilor excesive, precum si leziunilor acute de impact sunt cruciale pentru cluburile de fotbal si jucatorii lor pretiosi.

Aparatul AR2 Shockwave se potriveste perfect spectrului de terapii existente şi le poate îmbunatati în mod semnificativ. Un punct esential este stimularea Shockwave a muschilor si fasciei în cazul problemelor musculare, ale ligamentelor articulare, precum si problemelor tendoanelor, chiar si dupa accidentari acute sau dupa interventii chirurgicale.

Preventia este mai buna decât vindecarea

Tratamentul preventiv cu AR2 a punctelor de declansare musculare reduce semnificativ ranile in exces si imbunatateste toleranta fata de leziunile acute rezultate in urma impacturilor pe parcursul unui sezon sportiv.

AR2 reduce timpul de recuperare.

Timpul de recuperare dupa accidentari sau interventii chirurgicale poate fi redus semnificativ prin combinarea apreciatului aparat AR2 cu setul dumneavoastră de terapii specifice. AR2 poate accelera regenerarea muschilor dupa antrenament sau dupa meci, iar prin cresterea circulatiei sângelui si îmbunatatirea fluxului limfatic va ajuta sa reveniti într-o perioada scurta de timp la puterea si rezistenta normala.

Accidentari frecvente din Fotbal tratate prin metoda AR2 Shockwave:

Entorsa Gleznei, Tendinita calcaiului, Intinderea Musculara, Intinderea Muschilor Coapsei, Ruptura musculara, Sindromul Tendonului Iliotibial, Crampe musculare, Febra musculara (DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness), Sindromul Dureros Patelofemural, Fasceita Plantara, Ruperea sau Intinderea musculaturii Gambei, Durerea Tibiala Anterioara (Shin Splints), Fractura de Stress, Tendinita si Ruptura Tendinoasa, Dureri de genunchi si a ligamantelor incrucisate, precum si Leziunea Ligamentului Incrucisat Posterior (LIP), Leziunea ale Ligamentelor ColateraleMedial si Lateral, Leziuni de Menisc.





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