Ambulance Service
Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Is provided by a fleet of ambulances and competent medical crews, ready to quickly intervene. Medical crew consists of physician (GP or emergency medicina competence and ambulance driver, which is in constant contact with the doctors from dispatch, medical center and Emergency hospi-tals by radio stations and mobile phones;



This service is available 24 hours / day, 365 days / year.



We offer:


  • Scheduled consultations at home for adults and children, with ambulances type B1 / B2 and AMD, with general practitioners, emergency medicine specialists, medical specialists: medical evaluation, investigations necessary to establish the diagnosis, blood tests prelevation , first treatment.
  • medical consultations anywhere in Bucharest and Ilfov (Pipera, Voluntari, Baloteşti, Otopeni);
  • medical advice at the company;
  • medical consultations at the hotel;
  • depending on the case we can provide medical transport initiation of treatment, blood tests preleva-tion for laboratory

Medical consultation is part of a complete medical system providing access to medical services provided by Bio Medica Group: medical hotline, first response, medical transports for a safety movement of the patient with health difficulties, consultation with pediatricians, neurologists, urol-ogists etc.

In the consultations we can initiate medication, injection or infusion.

Can be prelevated medical laboratory tests: blood, urine, throat and nasal culture etc.





Medical consultation can be completed:


  • at the request,
  • with emergency transport to hospitals for further investigation or hospitalization (as needed).
  • with appointments to medical specialists (in the medical centers) medical transport service runs on previous appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Depending on the medical condition of the pa-tient's we may organize special medical crew

Medicalized transports are:


  • from the address – to the hospital and / or return;
  • from home – to the hospital and / or return;
  • from home / hospital – to the Airport (medical evacuations)
  • local and international medical transports

Bio Medica has experience in:


  • providing medical assistance for hotels sa: Ana Hotels, Marriott, Ambassador, Intercontinental, Pullman, Radison;
  • providing medical assistance for airlines Air France, KLM and British Airways
  • providing medical assistance for cultural and artistic events (Castel Film, Media Pro Pictures, Saga Film, Kanal D, Antena 1, Pro TV, Realitatea TV)
  • providing medical assistance for sports competitions (FC Dinamo, Romanian Tennis Federation, Open Tennis Tournament , Romanian Boxing Federation, Sports Club Olimpia - rugby and basket-ball, Romanian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics etc).


International medical services


ambulanta-aeroportFor international medical evacuations we are using air ambulances equipped with everything that means "life support". Medical evacuation is possible in the country (eg in Tulcea, Saint George, Craiova, Iasi, Constanta, etc.) or outside border. International Coverage: Central and Southeastern Europe, United States.

Bio Medica can also provide medical escort (specialized medical team and medical equipment) for patients who are traveling with regular plaine.

The BIO MEDICA Ambulance Service was founded in 1997 and is the first private antishock am-bulance service in Bucharest.

Ambulances are equipped according to European standards. Featuring endowed hydraulic stretcher, stretcher with retractable undercarriage and variable mounting system, heating / cooling emergency cell allow the patient into the best conditions of safety and comfort.

The four ambulances are equipped with monitor defibrillator, electrocardiograph, automatic ventila-tor assisted breathing system, oxygen, stretcher with hydraulic damping, multiple injury stretchers, stretchers extraction, kits medication and CPR kits, suction of secretions, pulsoxiometru, glucome-ter, kit splints for immobilization of the fractures, wheelchair for transport etc.

All ambulances are connected with the Ambulance Dispatch, Medical Center, the One to One Nurs-ing Home - Saftica and the private rooms from the Emergency Hospital of Bucharest by portable radio system on its own frequency, making possible the delivery multiple information to the crews which are in the field.




ambulanta-medicThe accessibility to Bio-Medica Ambulance Service is assured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to Bio Medica members.

Exception: for major emergency enev Bio Medica National Emergency Service 112.

Central Dispatch: all medical activities are guided by ambulance micro-stations: South, North and Vasile Lascar. In this way the activity is well coordinated and closely monitored to provide the pa-tient promptitude and safety. Bio Medica Ambulance Service is exclusively for subscribers of our company. We perform ambulance medical transport at the hospital (and / or return) to address / hospital at the airport, local and international, medical air evacuation anywhere in the world through external partnerships.

Wherever you are, do not hesitate to contact us!




Ambulance service operates on the principles of the integrated system: consultation - investigations and specialist clinical examination - transport to the hospital (medical assistance in the emergency room), admission in private rooms - medical transport at home.

Collective healthcare: filming (film production or television shows), sports (football, boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, etc.) or other social events (concerts, meetings, conferences, etc.)

BIO MEDICA has extensive experience in providing health care by ambulance for hotels: Ana Ho-tels, Marriott, Ambassador, Intercontinental, Pullman, Air France - KLM airlines and British Air-ways, cultural and artistic events (Castel Film, Media Pro Pictures, Saga Film ), sports competitions (FC Dinamo Romanian Tennis Federation, Tennis Open).

BIO MEDICA provides medical escort (specialized medical team and medical equipment) for pa-tients who opted for air travel by regular plaine.



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