Short history


An old Chinese proverb says that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second moment propitious is today. It is true that he was an ambitious project, but possibly through the complex system of integrated medicine that BIO MEDICA proposed a few years ago.




The Medical National Network MedNet which we founded is a national medical sistem which is composed from 23 clinics and consisted of the needs to provide excellent investigation, treatment and management of our patients in any area of the country. Beeing the dispatch of MedNet national network and also an active member of the Federation FORTMED (comprising a total of 92 clinics), BIO MEDICA has the benefit of being in contact with clinics throughout the country, being able to provide medical services with high standards of professionalism, in Bucharest and in any area of the country. Is the result of a project with private integrated medicine, tested and continuously im-proved.


How did the idea MedNet start ?


ideeaTrying to keep in the country the patients who knew and asking to apply some of the market econ-omy conditions: competitiveness, human relationships, credibility, enthusiasm, reputation, quality of services, satisfaction.

Based on the principle of maximum quality of medical services we have sought in the private med-ical network, in Romania, colleagues who want to work in a team and in terms of efficiency and full availability for the good of the patient.

To this purpose we met in Sibiu on 03.02.2001 when was traced the milestones of the organization and coordination of the network, efficient ways of cooperation between MedNet members.

At Crowne Plaza Bucharest, on 17.02.2001 held MedNet actually setting.

MedNet Network is legal represented by MedNet Association, an association freely consented, es-tablished under the law.




  • Association presently comprises 24 private clinics in major cities





Medicina de familie

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